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Dogs and kids

In dog training, I have made many mistakes and some that haunt me. Hence I’ll never make those mistakes again. When my son was first born my dog at the time was a Belgian Malinois named Odin. I had raised him myself from a pup.

My dog is really smart

This statement always makes me smile when my client first contacts me and tells me of their issues they are having with their dog. Yet they will interject with ‘but he’s really smart’ and the reason why every pet owner thinks their dog is really smart

Is my dog stupid? Why doesn’t he understand what I want him to do?

Dogs are complex in a way that we are not.

One of my favourite analogy’s for explaining the very way basic of teaching a dog anything is just like teaching a child to first walk. When that child takes it’s very first step the parents face will light up with excitement, following with lots of praise

When your dog can’t seem to be without you

I had this issue with a dog before I became a trainer because I had no idea to what I was doing. I was so concerned about my puppy upsetting the neighbours with its crying and barking at the backdoor that I inadvertently created a monster

Are you considering getting a rescued dog?

Are you considering rescuing your new best friend from a shelter or rescue organization? I have personally rescued dogs from shelters and rescues and rehabilitated these dogs for a pet or even working dogs. I think it’s a wonderful thing to do and very rewarding.

Neutering your dog’s at 6 months: The Facts

On neutering, you will be hard pressed to find a vet today that would recommend anything but neutering your pet early in their life, normally around six months. The reasons given are always the same, prevent unwanted babies and long term health benefits including a reduction in cancer.