Group Lessons: Sanderson Close, Flynn | Boarding: 817 Good Hope rd, Good Hope. NSW

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We’ll look after your dog while you go on holiday. Not only will they get cared for, they’ll also be trained by one of Australia’s best dog trainers.


We will train your dog with absolute clarity in a relaxed environment using high levels of motivation. We train all breeds and ages and can help you with.


One on one tuition is one of the most effective ways to get the results that you are looking for. These lessons will not only show you how to teach your dog new skills


Our training facility is an outdoor training area with ample parking for Saturday morning training this allows us to give you the very best environment for your dog.


2012 Randy Hare “On target scent detection certification” trained and certified with the FBI, ATF and local Police departments at the FBI training facility Quantico, Virginia, USA.

2005 NDTF National Dog Trainers Federation Certificate 3 in Canine Behavior and training.

1998 NDTF National Dog Trainers Federation certificate 3 in Canine Behavior and training.


You can register to join these classes at any time and you don’t need to wait for commencement dates.  We just need to ensure we have room for you in the group as numbers are capped.  There will be some repetition in the class, but that will give you an opportunity to practice activities.  Details of what is covered in each level as well as class times are on our website under “Our Services – Our Puppy School and Obedience Classes”. 

No, we track how many classes you have paid for and understand you sometimes need to get away or something happens.  You won’t lose a group class credit if you miss a class.

Sidney needs to see you have control of your dog in a group situation and will go through the “pass” checklist before you can enter the Intermediate/Advanced level classes.  We don’t allow clients to self-assess and Beginners is the only class we allow new students to enter directly.

We would love to say 1-2 weeks will fix everything, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.  Every dog is different as well as every dog/owner combination.  Even 2 dogs of the same breed in the same household can have completely different issues.  Our program starts with a focus on basic obedience.  From there we can commence recall while working on other issues.  Separation and aggression issues take longer to address.  Some dogs with human aggression issues will need private lessons first until they’re safe enough for us to bring them in for board and train.  Training is not a set and forget process either and there are things you’ll need to do once your dog returns home to maintain their training.

The best way to find out how much time your dog will need to address your concerns is to book in for a free assessment with Sidney.   

We need to bond with your dog during their stay to ensure they’re receptive to training, but their strongest bond is always with their owners.  We set up weekly visits/lessons during K9 Boot Camp so you can not only see how things are progressing, but also so we can teach you the correct way to train your dog and deal with certain situations.  This sets you up for success when you return home.  We also have group classes which you can join if you want to reinforce what you and your dog have learnt during K9 Boot Camp or we can provide private lessons if needed.

The best way to find out how much time your dog will need to address your concerns is to book in for a free assessment with Sidney.  

Canine behaviour is contextual and dogs need a certain type of stimulus to develop aggressive behaviour.  This means that just because your dog is aggressive towards other dogs, it will not necessarily become aggressive towards your children. 

However, aggression is a very complex behaviour and can worsen over time if it is left to develop unchecked.  There are also different causes of aggression for example fear, possessiveness, frustration, and illness.  Because each situation is different, it’s best to seek professional advice when you’re experiencing aggression issues and deal with them as early as possible.  An assessment or private lesson is advisable in this instance so you can understand up front if you have a serious issue on your hands, or something not to be concerned about.

The best way to find out how much time your dog will need to address your concerns is to book in for a free assessment with Sidney.