Group Lessons: Sanderson Close, Flynn | Boarding: 817 Good Hope rd, Good Hope. NSW

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K9 Bootcamp/ Board and train

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If you’re struggling with behavioural issues, we can help you and your dog in a safe, secure, and purpose-built training facility in the heart of the ACT – literally a 60 second drive to Canberra airport. Our intensive dog training program is adapted for each individual dog and is complemented by weekly visits/ lessons where you will learn how to maintain your dog’s training when they return home.

We train all breeds, ages, and behaviour problems.


  • Face to face assessment with Sidney Aarons to discuss issues and desired outcomes.
  • Weekly visits/lessons.
  • Additional training/welfare updates when requested.
  • A full 1-hour handover lesson when you pick up your dog.
  • An optional follow up 1 hr session for dogs that are in with us for a minimum 2 week stay: recommended for dogs that have had a history of behavioural problems.
  • If you’re away while your dog is with us, we can send weekly video updates and photos via WhatsApp.


While your dog is boarding with us, they will be fed a raw diet consisting of meat and vegetables. Our produce is sourced locally and consists of the following:

  • Beef mince
  • Chicken mince
  • Chicken frames, necks, and drumsticks
  • Beef brisket bone
  • Turkey
  • Kangaroo
  • Venison
  • Lamb off cuts
  • Pumpkin
  • Sweet potato

In Sidney’s experience of training and rehabilitating dogs over the years, he has found that one of the keys to improving dog health and overall behaviour is to remove artificial food from their diet and replace it with what a dog really needs: a complete and varied diet.

Some meats are seasonal so options will change throughout the year. However, you can be assured that your dog will also receive the best quality and care with us.

If your dog is on a specified or medicated diet, you will need to supply this when dropping your dog off.


One on one tuition is one of the most effective ways to get the results that you are looking for. These lessons will not only show you how to teach your dog new skills

Behavioural problems can vary from mild to severe in each dog and the learning process can vary from dog to dog. To address this, our counter-conditioning programs are specifically tailored to meet every issue and individual. Our training program entails the following:

  • Sidney’s purpose-based training system focuses on teaching your dog the difference between right and wrong, while removing unwanted behaviours and replacing them with functional behaviours.
  • Dogs are trained twice a day Monday – Friday.
  • The length of each training session will vary depending your dog’s temperament, previous experience, age, and his/her ability to concentrate and take on new commands and behaviours. The longer your dog is training with us, the better they will become.
  • Dogs are trained at the kennels. Training sessions are also conducted in and around Canberra. This is called the generalisation process and is done to ensure that your dog will behave in different places and scenarios.
  • Dogs will also be exposed to our start of the art Agility Circuit aimed at boosting your dog’s confidence. All the training equipment has either been designed and/or manufactured by Sidney to ensure safe and highly effective training results. We regularly change and add new equipment to ensure variation and motivation.


Sidney’s experience in dog training spans over 30 years and includes pet obedience, behavioural problems, competition and working dogs including Seach and Rescue, Arson and currency detection, Special Forces and Police tactical units. He has also trained and been mentored by some of the world’s foremost experts in Canine behaviour and has extensively studied dog psychology and physiology. Over the years, he has seen firsthand what training techniques do and don’t work.

Sidney has applied his experience and extensive theoretical knowledge to develop a balanced training program that focuses on clear verbal and physical communication between the dog and the trainer. In a time where training methods are extremely varied and argued about, you can be assured the Sidney’s methods produce the best results.


  • Pay attention and engage with you – no more circumstances where your dog chooses to ignore you.
  • Stop jumping and biting.
  • Calmly walking by your side in the heel position.
  • Take treats gently from your hand.
  • Impulse control: walk calmly through doors when instructed to by you.
  • Confidence building
  • Sit/stay.
  • Down/stay.
  • Stand/stay.
  • Full off leash recall under heavy distractions (this depends on the length of stay – best results are achieved in 4 weeks).
  • Release cue.
  • Return to the handler’s side.
  • Rehabilitation of behavioural issues i.e., aggression, fear.


Your dogs will receive a break from training over the weekend. However, they will still be exercised daily, and their kennels kept clean.

Sidney’s Board & Training is extremely popular and can sell out in peak holiday times. Book your spot today to ensure your dog doesn’t miss out.