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Why do we train our dogs?

I have met so many people over the years that have told me they do not see the value in training their dog yet in the next breath they will complain about their dogs’ behaviour. As with all dog trainers and enthusiasts, it leaves us shaking our heads and feeling extremely frustrated.

Is my dog stupid? Why doesn’t he understand what I want him to do?

Dogs are complex in a way that we are not.

One of my favourite analogy’s for explaining the very way basic of teaching a dog anything is just like teaching a child to first walk. When that child takes it’s very first step the parents face will light up with excitement, following with lots of praise

Punishment and reward in training

Punishment and reward has been a much argued and debated subject in dog training. It is a topic that has and does get very heated because of two basic reasons. There is a knee jerk, emotional reaction in one camp and the other has come from a place of learning and experience.