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Punishment and reward in training

Punishment and reward has been a much argued and debated subject in dog training. It is a topic that has and does get very heated because of two basic reasons. There is a knee jerk, emotional reaction in one camp and the other has come from a place of learning and experience.

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Are you considering getting a rescued dog?

Are you considering rescuing your new best friend from a shelter or rescue organization? I have personally rescued dogs from shelters and rescues and rehabilitated these dogs for a pet or even working dogs. I think it’s a wonderful thing to do and very rewarding.

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Neutering your dog’s at 6 months: The Facts

On neutering, you will be hard pressed to find a vet today that would recommend anything but neutering your pet early in their life, normally around six months. The reasons given are always the same, prevent unwanted babies and long term health benefits including a reduction in cancer.

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