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Why do we train our dogs?

I have met so many people over the years that have told me they do not see the value in training their dog yet in the next breath they will complain about their dogs’ behaviour. As with all dog trainers and enthusiasts, it leaves us shaking our heads and feeling extremely frustrated.

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What are you really teaching your dog?

We all talk a lot about changing or eliminating a dogs behaviour. But what about stopping the dog from learning the behaviour in the first place. Just as I stated in my last blog I had created a behaviour in Odin that was completely contextual to only my son.

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Why does my dog hate going to the vet?

Obviously, dog trainers understand the importance of socializing and training our dogs. We all go out of our way to ensure that both of these things happen. Trainers spend a huge amount of time just observing dog’s behaviour

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Do you feel safe around your dog when he’s eating?

This particular subject always reminds of a Mini Fox Terrier that I helped with many years ago and yes some of them really do stay with you. It was a friend of a friend and their little Foxy was very sweet, affectionate and very social with everyone.

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Dogs and snakes

In 2015 I started a snake avoidance program and I named it ‘Snake Safe’. As that point in time as I am now living and working in the country. Yes Australia is known for having a huge snake population and as well as having the most dangerous snakes in the world.

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Dogs and kids

In dog training, I have made many mistakes and some that haunt me. Hence I’ll never make those mistakes again. When my son was first born my dog at the time was a Belgian Malinois named Odin. I had raised him myself from a pup.

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My dog is really smart

This statement always makes me smile when my client first contacts me and tells me of their issues they are having with their dog. Yet they will interject with ‘but he’s really smart’ and the reason why every pet owner thinks their dog is really smart

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When your dog can’t seem to be without you

I had this issue with a dog before I became a trainer because I had no idea to what I was doing. I was so concerned about my puppy upsetting the neighbours with its crying and barking at the backdoor that I inadvertently created a monster

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